Date: May 10, 2020

Bible Text: 1 Peter 2:2-10, John 14:1-14 |


We continue exploring the Messianic Age opened by Jesus' resurrection and what it means for us. This week we will look a little more at how we can serve as ambassadors between the Messianic Age and this fallen age. Jesus promised that his disciples that they do wondrous things, and in 1 Peter we read that his followers are a royal priesthood. Is that how you think of your faith life? It could be. Maybe it should be. Join us to learn more.

Notes from the Preacher

Here's a link to the movie I used for illustration: Jupiter Ascending. I meant to say but don't think I did that while Jupiter discovers her new identity and it's among people who are awful, this is in complete contrast to our situation. For us, we discover our new identity in Christ who loves us and gives his life for the world, and we are surrounded by people of all sorts who are at least trying to do good and be better.

By the way, Jupiter Ascending didn't get very good reviews from critics or viewers on the whole and had a pretty poor showing at the box office. In the five years since its release it has at least broken even world wide from what I've seen. None of that has any theological or pastoral significance that I can tell. Just thought you should be warned in case you think about going off to watch it.

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