Date: June 7, 2020

Bible Text: Genesis 1, Matthew 28:16-20 |

This is Trinity Sunday, the week after Pentecost in which, having heard of the coming of the Holy Spirit after Jesus' resurrection, we celebrate the holy Three-in-One Godhead. Yeah, that sounds like mumbo-jumbo, so we try to break it down for you. Then, having explored the mystery of God's nature, we turn to human nature, at once made in God's Image and capable of absolute brutality or indifference. The events of this first week in June 2020 give us reason to reflect on both sides of that nature. The session at CPC has committed to be a Matthew 25 church, working for congregational revitalization through community engagement, dismantling structural racism, and fighting systemic poverty. We are choosing to exercise the best of human nature to reflect and honor the nature of the Triune God.

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