Date: February 14, 2021

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, Mark 1:40-45 |

Pastor David interviews Clark Seipt, executive director of the Community Coalition for Haiti, one of the mission partners we support at Catoctin Presbyterian Church. Our scriptures talk about the need for dedicated intention in our discipleship and Jesus' deep compassion and willingness to identify with the sick and outcast. In our interview, we learn about the Coalition's beginnings and goals in health care and education in Haiti, Clark's entry to its work, the transformation of its ministry into one of empowerment of Haitian leadership in health care and education, and how churches like ours can be involved in the Coalition's work. Clark's energy, intelligence, imagination, and love are clearly on display and are very inspiring.


Here's the link for the 50-minute unedited version for the hardcore.


Here's a message from Clark that we received on February 18, 2021, with some resources about the current situation in Haiti.


Dear Friends at Catoctin Presbyterian Church:
If you've been watching the news coming out of Haiti these last few weeks, all the different insights into current events there might seem complex and confusing. That's because they are complex and confusing!
Much of the volatility is rooted in very contentious differences in opinion about the end date of the Haitian President's term and how that is playing out in the streets (and behind closed doors) in Haiti. Because I know you have a #HeartforHaiti, I've culled a handful of articles for you that provide some thoughtful - and at times conflicting - insights into the situation: 
  • This article is a couple weeks old but offers a really good framing of the issues, including some of the longer term context.
  • This article broke the news, over the weekend of Feb 7th, of a possible coup attempt in Haiti. February 7th was the date that much of the population believes President Moise's term ended. 
  • This article illustrates how the attempted "coup" could also be seen as the Opposition standing up against an emerging dictatorship and exercising their rights, under the Haitian Constitution.
  • This article is about a large protest this past weekend that was intended to be peaceful but ended violently. 
  • This article, released just yesterday, is an Op-Ed penned by Rep. Maxine Waters (California) and calls out what she describes as a "shameful assault on democracy" on the part of Haitian President Moise. I include this one as it provides additional insight into the Constitutional referendum that is an additional issue of hot debate in Haiti. 
Thankfully, our staff report that Jacmel remains relatively calm. There were a few isolated incidents in the week leading up to Feb 7th, but local police intervened quickly and people dispersed. Jacmel's Carnival was held, on schedule that same weekend - albeit with a smaller turnout, and things remained calm over the last couple of weeks with businesses and roads open, ample access to gas, etc. At this time, the operations of CCH's Clinics and partner schools have not been impacted significantly by the frustrations and unrest. 
While we recognize that things could change quickly and dramatically, we are grateful. We grieve for our friends and partners as the uncertainty and volatility persists. We stay in close communication with our dedicated leaders on the ground and will alert you if things change dramatically. 
My primary goal with messages like this one is to keep you informed about what's going on in Haiti. Please know that I remain available to you for conversation, questions, ideas, etc. If you'd like to provide financial support to advance CCH's ongoing mission and ministry in Haiti during these times, please click here to visit our secure donation page. Staying in touch, praying for our friends and this mission and giving today are all ways that YOU can show your #HeartforHaiti
Clark Seipt

Executive Director

Community Coalition for Haiti
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