Date: March 8, 2020

Bible Text: Genesis 12:1-4, John 3:1-17 |


We continue our Lenten sermon series this week with the story of Nicodemus visiting Jesus. This is a classic story and produces one of the best known verses in all of scripture - John 3:16. But while many, many Christians have taken comfort from the assurance of God's plan for salvation through Christ found there, Nicodemus was thoroughly confused by his encounter with Jesus! Perhaps you have faced circumstances in your life that were so vexing that even advice from your friends didn't make sense. That seems to be what happened to Nicodemus. Nevertheless, Jesus seems mostly unperturbed by this confusion. We will examine this story for what it can tell us about how Jesus dealt with confusion and how it affects our own journeys of faith.

Notes from the Preacher

It's been a wild time since this sermon was preached. We have closed the church and cancelled all activities in real life due to the COVID19 pandemic. To be honest, I don't remember much about what I said that morning. It seems like a long time ago, although it was only a week and a half as I'm writing this. Any way, I have linked to a graphic map that served as my sermon notes. I hope you find it interesting!

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