Due to the ongoing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, in keeping with the actions of the Loudoun County officials, our presbytery, and other authorities, and in a desire to “flatten the curve” and keep people safe, the Session at Catoctin Church has decided to close the church and cancel all activities from March 13 – 22. This includes meetings of our partner organizations who use the building. At the end of that period we will review the situation to determine whether to reopen or to extend the closure. We regret any inconvenience this will cause, but we believe it is in the best interests of the community.

We will be offering worship and study opportunities virtually, so we invite you to watch for details here on the website or on our Facebook page. We will provide pastoral care for our flock to the best of our ability. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, leave a note below or email us.

May the Lord and Giver of Life bless us with wisdom, compassion, strength, health, and love. May God protect those who are on the front lines of fighting disease and those who are most vulnerable. May God grant us such faith that we may not fear about the dangers of this life, and that we may do all in our power to work for the relief of pain and the alleviation of sorrow.