Our programmatic life at Catoctin Presbyterian Church is divided into sections according to our understanding of the process of discipleship, described here. This page gives you a little more about that structure, and you will find details about our various programs by following the links below.

Discovering Christ

It’s hard to be a disciple of Jesus if you don’t know who he is. We think the best ways for people to learn about Jesus are through worship and study. Outreach refers to our intentional efforts to invite people into the process.

Belonging to Christ

An African proverb says, “If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, travel together.” The strength needed for the journey of discipleship comes through authentic relationships with others seeking Christ. We often experience belonging to Christ through Christian friendship and support.

Our members offer pastoral care with the pastor through our Prayer & Care Team. We strive to provide opportunities for folks to enjoy getting to know each other in small group settings. Fellowship is the intentional setting (usually around food) for larger groups to enjoy each other’s company and build relationships.

  • Prayer & Care Team
  • Small Groups
  • Fellowship
  • Youth Ministry @ Catoctin (YMAC) for grades 3-12

Serving with Christ

We learn some of the deepest lessons of discipleship when we serve others in their need, as God has done for us in Christ. Ministry is service within the community of the congregation, doing the many tasks that make church life possible. Mission is taking our love and service on the road to those outside our immediate fellowship.

  • Ministry
  • Mission