Catoctin Presbyterian Church is a small congregation with long roots in an old farming community that now finds itself in the middle of one of the fastest growing, most affluent counties in the United States. Holding those dynamics in tension is a big part of the “personality” of the congregation.

We are small and close-knit. We are traditional in many ways, and trying to respond to contemporary needs in people’s lives. We are farm families and urban commuters and lifelong Presbyterians and converts from other faiths. We have families that have been in the church for seven generations and some who just moved in last year. We try to provide a quiet place of reflection and deepening relationships in a fast-paced, hyper-reactive culture. Our worship is liturgical (that is, structured with written prayers and responses for the people), but it’s not unusual to have someone calling out comments to the preacher during the sermon.

The very least you can say about us is it’s an interesting mix! There’s a good chance we have a place where you will fit right in.

Okay, I’ll come. Where should I park?
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