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We are glad to be able to provide some recent sermons for you to listen to. We believe that corporate worship is to the Body of Christ what breathing is to the human body — a life-giving exchange! It is our primary service to God as disciples.

What’s more, as Presbyterians, we believe that proclamation of God’s Word is the central act of our worship service. So it follows that the best thing for the Body and for individual members is to be present together with God and one another, building relationships in worship.

These sermons are offered here not as a regular substitute for those who can come in person, but to help us spread the Word among those who cannot. So whether you are a potential visitor wanting to “test drive” the preacher, or a member who can’t come, or missed a service, or wants to hear a sermon again, we pray for God to bless you in the listening.

Three For One

June 16, 2019
The Sunday after Pentecost is called Trinity Sunday. It's a day when we pay special attention to the doctrine of God as Three-In-One, One-In-Three. We use the traditional formula of…

The Invasion Has Begun

June 9, 2019
Pentecost is the celebration of God's Spirit coming to empower the apostles and the Church to do the will of Christ. We mark the day this year, not merely as…

A Matter of Degrees

June 2, 2019
Since Easter we have been looking at some of the implications of Jesus' resurrection for our life and ministry in the Church today. This Sunday is the last week before…

To Be Well

May 26, 2019
As we make our way between Easter and Pentecost, we continue exploring the real implications of Jesus' resurrection. One is the extension of Jesus' power to heal. In the service…

Start Again

May 5, 2019
We hear and compare stories from the New Testament about two men who met the Risen Jesus and the way it changed their lives: Simon Peter and Saul of Tarsus.…

Risen Indeed! So What?

April 28, 2019
It's the Sunday after Easter, and the crowds have ebbed away. Why? As exciting and important as the Resurrection of Christ is, for many people there just isn't a connection…

An Idle Tale

April 21, 2019
The resurrection of Jesus posed as more questions than it answered for the first disciples. In an era when it is difficult to tell truth from fiction even in our…
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