The annual meeting of the congregation will be held after worship on Sunday, January 27, 2019. We will begin with a potluck luncheon. The meeting proper will include a review of our ministry in 2018 and a look at our mission for the coming year. The annual meeting brings the opportunity for members to bring any business to the attention of the body that is not handled at other meetings. If you have business that you want us to discuss or if you have any questions, please contact Pastor David Douthett or Clerk of Session Sue Douglas before the meeting.

For the potluck, if you need a suggestion, last names starting A-L can bring a main dish and M-Z can bring a salad or dessert.

Active members of the congregation are encouraged to take part in the annual meeting as one of the privileges and responsibilities of membership. Guests and friends of the church who are not active members are welcome to both the luncheon and the meeting.