Stewardship is the way we respond to God’s call for us to be partners in ministry and caring for the world and all that live in it. We have charge of our time, our talents, and our financial resources, and we get to make choices about how to use them all for God’s glory. While this is an activity that we should attend to daily, we spend time especially in the fall of the year to plan how we will, as a congregation, extend the Kingdom of God through our mission and ministries for the year to come.

On this page you will find our narrative budget for the coming year. We invite you to download it and prayerfully explore it. Then, with more prayer, consider your financial commitment to supporting the church’s work, as well as ways to invest your time and talents in that work.

Download me! I’m the Narrative Budget 2022!

CLICK HERE to download the 2022 Narrative Budget