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We are glad to be able to provide some recent sermons for you to listen to. We believe that corporate worship is to the Body of Christ what breathing is to the human body — a life-giving exchange! It is our primary service to God as disciples.

What’s more, as Presbyterians, we believe that proclamation of God’s Word is the central act of our worship service. So it follows that the best thing for the Body and for individual members is to be present together with God and one another in worship.

These sermons are offered here not as a substitute, but to help us spread the Word! So whether you are a potential visitor wanting to “test drive” the preacher, or a member who missed a service or wants to hear a sermon again, we pray for God to bless you in the listening.

Closing the Gap

September 25, 2022
We're back to the suggested lectionary readings, making our way through Luke's gospel. This time we have another of Jesus' parables, told for the benefit of the Pharisees, whom Luke…

Where the Heart Is

September 18, 2022
Today is Welcome Home Sunday, when we welcome folks back to church in the fall. We're going to consider our spiritual home, expressed in personal relationship with God, our interactions…

Lost and…

September 11, 2022
Today is the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, a day of profound loss for our country and for many of us personally. Since that day, as we look…

No Thanks

September 4, 2022
We have two interesting parables this week, one from Jesus and one from the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah. God tells Jeremiah to go see a potter and then teaches the…

Humility FTW

August 28, 2022
This week's gospel lesson from Luke has Jesus going to have lunch at a Pharisee's house, and when he gets there, he ends up teaching, of course. It seems like…

Good, Until It’s Not

August 21, 2022
Christians have a complicated relationship with the Old Testament commandments and laws. Some of that is explicit in the Apostle Paul's writings as he struggled to find the right balance…
We have done a series of interviews over the past couple years with some of our mission partners, that is organizations that are working to help the homeless, the thirsty,…
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