Date: April 19, 2020

Bible Text: Acts 2:14-36, 1 Peter 1:3-9 |


It's the 2nd Sunday of Easter this week, and the Lord is STILL risen, indeed! We actually celebrate Easter as a seven-week season, focusing on the implications of Jesus' resurrection and how it played out in the early church. And really, for Christians every Sunday is a little Easter. So even though the chocolate, baskets, eggs, roasts, and Peeps are probably gone, Christ is still among us, and so is our hope.

In worship we will look at some of Simon Peter's testimony about the resurrection, from his sermon in Acts 2 and from the first epistle that bears his name. Both passages point us to the grace and power of God, while acknowledging the deep need we have for them because sin and death remain as realities in our world. Both passages invite us to new joy in the work of the Risen Christ, even while that work is still in process.

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