February 17, 2019
The Sermon on the Plain gives us some context for considering the inequity of our society. Luke 6:17-26, 1 Corinthians 15:12-20.

Fear of God

February 10, 2019
Lost the signal and cut off the end of the sermon and the rest of the service for some reason. Sorry for the inconvenience. Reflections on "the fear of the…

A Firm Foundation

February 3, 2019
Love gets tossed around as a word and concept pretty freely, especially around Valentine's Day, but the Apostle Paul had something pretty specific in mind. We explore how love, along…

By the Book

January 27, 2019
The sermon today considers the relationship between one of the prophet Isaiah's oracles about the messianic age, the beginning of Jesus' public ministry in Galilee, and our ministry in the…

Get a Clue

January 6, 2019
The Apostle Paul writes to the Ephesians about the mystery of Christ. We all love a great mystery, and there are lots of mysteries about Christ. What does he have…

Not Quite Ordinary Life

December 30, 2018
Just a few thoughts on life in the holy family with Jesus. Things seem mostly ordinary until they aren't! So it is for us.

The Crown

November 25, 2018
This Sunday we will the Reign of Christ the King. This is the last Sunday in the liturgical year, marking the culmination of history when Christ will return to usher…