Date: March 31, 2024

Bible Text: Mark 16:1-8, 1 Corinthians 15:1-9, 12-22 |

Today is Easter Sunday! The Lord is risen indeed! We celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ today. It's hard to believe God could do something so amazing. In fact, both our texts for the day tell us about people very close to the action who were not fully on board and needed some course corrections. And let's be honest and say that we also need some tuning up in responding to the Resurrection day by day and not living as if it never happened.

If you are worshiping with us virtually you can still celebrate the Lord's Supper with us. Have some bread and wine or juice or other fruit of the vine on hand for any who are participating, and then just follow along with us. May we all know the presence of Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and all the saints as we commune together.

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