Date: December 8, 2019

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Our Advent worship this year is focusing on Incarnation. This is generally understood as the indwelling of the Logos, the Word of God, the divine architecture of creation, in physical form. Obviously, at Christmastime we think of incarnation as the birth of Jesus Christ, but there is more to it than that. Last week we considered that the universe itself is a physical manifestation of this Logos. This week we'll get a little more personal. In creating humans in the Image of God and giving them the breath of life, and in calling them to be partners, God dwells in the world more fully yet. We will consider how God intends for us to live as a manifestation of the Divine Presence in the world. Texts: Psalm 8:1-9, Genesis 1 & 2 (selected verses)

Notes from the Preacher

Here's a link to the Snap Judgment podcast from which I took my opening illustration. I recreated pretty faithfully the opening story told by host Glynn Washington in the October 31, 2019, episode, "Godsend," in which he describes a bad first day at school. The episode is available for streaming or download at the website.

Other than that, the sermon is largely a restructuring of a lecture from the training materials of GenOn Ministries, the folks who bring you the LOGOS Program for children and youth. It's material I have taught many, many times in various settings. It provides a way to talk about what it means to be the Children of God, a theme that has been at the center of my ministry for the better part of thirty years.

My favorite line from the sermon was, "We humans are the closest thing to God on the face of the planet, AND the species most in need of a Savior." What thought or phrase caught your attention?

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