Date: January 14, 2024

Bible Text: Psalm 139:1-6,13-18, John 1:35-51 |

In the weeks after Epiphany we look at texts in the gospels that demonstrate the appearing (meaning of "Epiphany") of Jesus Christ, opening with his baptism by John the Baptizer (last week), then the call of the first disciples, and then on into his early ministry. So here we are, and this week's lesson is the call of disciples as told in John's gospel. John (not the Baptizer) tells it very differently from the three synoptic gospels, including a different setting, different situations, different people being called, and a lot more dialogue. But as with the other gospel versions, we find these newly invited disciples to be a mix of curiosity, enthusiasm, skepticism, and a willingness to find out more about the mysterious man from Nazareth. Their reactions give us a variety of entry points for our own dive into following Jesus.

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