Mission Interview with OAR

Date: April 24, 2022

Bible Text: Matthew 25:31-40, Hebrews 12:28-13:3 |


From time to time we present recorded interviews with representatives of our mission partners so you can learn about the good work that we are supporting and the ways you can be involved in it.
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Semper Reformanda

Date: October 31, 2021

Bible Text: Romans 3:19-28, John 8:31-36 |

Four hundred four years ago on this date, Martin Luther unknowingly started the Protestant Reformation that would spread across Europe and radically change the state of the Church from then on. This happened when the
By |2021-11-01T17:22:34-04:00November 1st, 2021|

By the Book

Date: January 27, 2019

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1-13, 27, Luke 4:14-21 |

The sermon today considers the relationship between one of the prophet Isaiah's oracles about the messianic age, the beginning of Jesus' public ministry in Galilee, and our ministry in the fair village of Waterford. Yes,
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